When driving on off-roads, if you find yourself stuck at any point, here are some vital tips that you can follow to overcome the situation.

  • If you’re driving on off-road or in harsh conditions in which your car could easily get bogged, it’s essential to have a line of attack to get out of this messy situation.
  • There are some fundamental rules that need to be followed for keeping passengers safe while you’re getting your vehicle out of the stuck and it does not matter whether it is a 4×4 or family sedan.

Don’t Continue To Accelerate

  • Bogged Car WheelWhen you first bump into some sought of a sticky landscape, the first immediate response you would have is to hit on the accelerator. Pressing the accelerator lowers the capability for the wheels to attain traction and will most of the times force your vehicle deeper into the bog.
  • Either you require proceeding gradually forward or attempting and reversing back into the solid tracks that you’ve already created.
  • With light acceleration, you can try manoeuvring out by moving the tyres slowly while moving the steering wheel from left to right to assist the wheels to find grip points.
  • If you are driving a manual version, place the car into a higher gear and let the clutch out slowly, whereas if you are driving an automatic, place the car in the lowest gear possible.

Don’t Fear

  • Fear will result in fast thinking; however, such type of thinking might not be quite safe or aid the current situation. Thus, be prudent and take the time to evaluate the situation at hand.
  • If required, take out all of the passengers and think about what type of equipment you will require solving this problem.

Create Some Grip

  • If a car is bogged down regardless of snow, sand or mud, the key is to boost tyres grip. You can produce grip points in a couple of ways. First, try digging a bit of the mud, sand or snow in front of the power wheel. If this is not adequate, you can try by wedging a car mat, old coat or blanket beneath the wheel’s leading edge.
  • To provide grip in snowy conditions, some drivers may keep rock salt or cat-box litter with them to dispense in front of the tyres.
  • When driving in sand, lowering the tyre pressure will facilitate the vehicle to float on the soft sand and will confidently permit the vehicle to thrust ahead.

Request for Assistance

  • Request assistance if none of the above solutions aid to free the vehicle. This might be a friend who has a tow hitch, some additional muscle to push the car so as to make it free or getting in touch with your roadside assistance team to help recover the vehicle.
  • If you’re thinking over on driving in conditions where you could easily get bogged down, ensure you have added equipment like snatch straps, safe hitch points, spare mats, blankets, shovels and shackles, or even kitty litter on hand in the occurrence you get stuck. Being prepared is the best defence strategy against a bog down!
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